Happy Halloween

This year the Halloween Parade will be in the morning beginning at 9:15 am. Please send your child to school in their costume.

Some things to consider when choosing a costume for school:

  • Fake weapons or items that may be construed as weapons (including plastic swords, guns, knives,etc.) may not be brought to school

  • Costumes showing blood are not permitted

  • Children should not wear costumes related to R-rated movies

For safety purposes:

  • Please make sure children can walk in their costume
  • Masks are not to be worn

For the best views of the ghosts and ghouls of Toll Gate, families are welcome to line Curlis Avenue, the grassy area along Main Street, the sidewalk/alley between the building and trailers and the field behind the school. Spectators will not be allowed in the front loop.

If anyone is interested in trick or treating at Toll Gate, Jane-Ellen will be in costume giving out treats from 5:30 - 6:30 pm on Halloween.