Toll Gate All Hands is pleased to invite all TG families to our first ever Diversity Book Club Night on Tuesday May 24th from 6:30-7:40. Parents and their students are invited to learn together about diversity in our community through the reading of picture books relating to neurodiversity, gender diversity, racial diversity, cultural diversity, and physical differences. Each book club session will be thirty minutes long to allow the book to be read and discussion based on the book's topic to follow. Each family will have the chance to attend two different book club sessions, which will be led by teachers, administrators, and members of our community.

No preparation for the event is needed, but we look forward to seeing you in person and being able to help families continue having these important conversations.

Please RSVP to this LINK and let us know which book club sessions you would be interested in attending. We will also raffle off the books we are reading at the end of the evening!

Please feel free to email Caity Radice, (TG teacher) or Bonnie Lieu, (TGAH parent volunteer) with any questions.