Toll Gate's Day of Service is now on FridayJanuary 21, 2022. For this school year’s Day of Service, Toll Gate will be donating to The Jared Box Project (The Jared Box Project).

In addition to the items listed at this link, we will also need items to fill the boxes that will be given to local hospital patients at Capital Health Hospital in the Pediatric ER and the Pediatric floor. 

Our goal is 100% participation in this school-wide service learning event.

Below please find the requested donations to fill these special boxes, broken down by TG grade level assignments. Please send in to Toll Gate 3 or more new items listed below under your student(s)’s grade (approximately $5-$10 total donation per student) or whatever you are able to send. Amazon and dollar stores sell a lot of the below items.

PEECH and KG: For ages 3-5
Coloring books, grab–n–go activity kits, Play–Doh, reading books, stickers, sticker workbooks, activity books, matchbox cars, Nerf or rubber balls, stuffed animals, flashcards, fun socks, small action figures, small dolls, travel size games, SillyPutty, simple puzzles, card games (Go Fish,Old Maid, Memory), colorful pillowcases, princess crowns, dress up items, farm animal sets, dinosaurs. Other toys that are labeled as suggested for Preschoolers.

1st, 2nd, and 3rd grades: For ages 5-8
Coloring books, word searches, activity books, reading books, joke books, matchbox cars, Nerf balls, stuffed animals, stickers, Play–Doh, SillyPutty, Lego kits, craft kits, Slinky, travel games (Sorry, Connect 4, etc.), colorful pillowcases, reusable water bottle, fun socks, action figures, puzzles, deck of cards, UNO card game. Other toys that are labeled as suggested for school–aged children.

4th and 5th grades: For ages 8-11
Pens, coloring books, word searches, doodle pads, writing journals, Play–Doh, Silly Putty, stuffed animals, card games, Lego Kits, puzzles, brain games, books, magazines, Chapstick, fuzzy/colorful socks, colorful pillowcases, jewelry making kits, craft kits, paint sets, reusable water bottle. 

Please send in the donated items to school with your student(s) from now until January 14. 

Please only send in new items and items that will fit in a 6 quart storage box similar to this box:

Thank you!